Catch Cookout: Grilled Redfish with Moe Cason

Come along as BBQ pitmaster Moe Cason and salt water fishing guide Captain "Sharky" Marquez spend the morning chasing down and landing bull and slot redfish in the Gulf of Mexico and the afternoon cooking up their catch on this episode of Catch Cookout.

Smoked Redfish with Lemon - Butter Sauce:

6 Each 6-7-Ounce Redfish Fillets 1 1/2 Inches Thick, On the Half Shell
2 Small Lemons, Juiced
2 Sticks Unsalted Butter, Cubed
2 Tablespoons Garlic, Minced1/2 Cup Cognac
1/2 Teaspoon Hot Sauce
4 Tablespoon Chopped Green Onions Tops
1 Cup Of Heavy Whipping Cream
Moe Cason's Chicken Rub, as needed
Vegetable Spray, as needed

Preheat Pellet Grill to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Spray redfish with light coat of vegetable spray then sprinkle with Moe Cason's Chicken Rub.
Place redfish skin side down and cook for 20-25 minutes or until flaky.
While fish is cooking, prepare the lemon butter sauce.
Melt butter in saucepan over low-medium heat. Add lemon juice, garlic, cognac, hot sauce, and Moe Cason's Chicken seasoning. Slowly simmer for about 2 minutes. Add cream and simmer until cognac is reduced, about 5 minutes.
Remove redfish from the grill and spoon lemon butter sauce over the fish.
Top with chopped green onions serve immediately.