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Baseball Cleats + Turf Shoes

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Why Do You Need a Pair of Cleats for Baseball?

Cleats perform two essential tasks for baseball players of all ages – providing safety on playing surfaces while also giving a competitive edge. It’s important to choose the best baseball cleats to optimize your comfort level and overall performance from anywhere on the field. Discover a wide variety of designs and game-changing technologies to help you nail the double play or capitalize from scoring position.

Dig deep in a pair of the Nike Men’s Vapor Ultrafly 3 Keystone Low-Top Baseball Cleats with an 8-spike configuration or the Nike Boys’ Vapor Ultrafly 3 Keystone Low-Top Baseball Cleats with rubber-molded studs.

Mid/high-top styles like the Nike Men's Alpha Huarache Varsity Turf provide a little extra support, and the Mizuno Men's Wave Select Nine TPU Low Molded Baseball Cleats utilize Mizuno Wave® technology to reduce pressure while improving comfort and stability .

If you're in the market for more comfort during practice, shoes like the Adidas™ Men's Adizero Afterburner 7 Baseball Cleats cushion your feet for a smooth feel with textile linings.

What Type of Baseball Cleat Should I Choose?

When deciding on the type of spikes needed, you'll want to consider that many recreational and youth baseball leagues prohibit metal cleats. However, molded and TPU baseball cleats provide ample traction and baseball shoes with removable spikes make adapting to field conditions simple.

  • Metal Baseball Cleats are designed to really dig in! These baseball spikes deliver tough, clean traction. Metal baseball cleats are often used by advanced players at the high school, collegiate and pro levels.
  • Made with durable studs, TPU/Molded Baseball Cleats can withstand a variety of surfaces. They're most often used in youth leagues because they provide a safer alternative to metal spikes that can potentially injure other players.
  • Baseball Turf Shoes such as the New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 3000 v5 Baseball Turf have a sole similar to the average sneaker. Baseball trainers and turf shoes provide greater comfort during practices than spikes with a design that's less likely to damage artificial grass and training facilities.

    Expert tip:
    If you're aiming to enhance your speed and agility on the diamond, consider a pair of low-top cleats, which boast a short profile and a lightweight feel to help you round the bases or field the ball with ease. If security and stability are what you're looking for, mid- or high-top cleats may be a better fit. While the added weight might be a concern for some athletes, the extra height will give you ankle support throughout every inning.

    Whether you choose low-, mid- or high-top cleats, a proper fit will be the most important factor in helping you reach peak performance. Make sure your cleats fit snugly with a little room in the toe.

    Next, consider your position and the features you'll need to make the highlight reel:

    • Infielders/Outfielders: Multidirectional traction patterns support quick cuts and explosive acceleration. If your league allows, metal cleats are a top choice for well-maintained fields. These spikes are less likely to dig up patches of grass or collect sand and gravel underneath.
    • Pitchers: Low-top baseball shoes can help prevent uncomfortable rubbing for a distraction-free outing on the mound. Many pitchers also prefer toe-drag protection to help boost longevity.

    Explore performance equipment from Mizuno, adidas™, Under Armour™, Nike and other top brands that can help you stay on your game. With a wide assortment to choose from, Academy Sports + Outdoors makes it easy to find the baseball gear to enhance your skills and crush it out of the park on value.