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Fishing Articles & Tips

Freshwater or Saltwater? Cast a line with us! Explore techniques, gear guides, and tips to get you hooked on fishing.

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Bow Fishing 101: Setting Up a Hunting Bow Like a Pro

New to bow fishing? Learn how to convert your hunting bow to a bow fishing bow and what equipment you need to get started!

September 29, 202312 min read 107 views
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Best Lake Trout Baits & Lures to Catch Your Next Slab

Lake Trout swims close to the surface of the water in a lake

May 05, 202315 min read 187 views
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Best Rainbow Trout Baits + Lures To Catch Like a Pro

Targeting rainbow trout is simple when you use the right bait and lures. Learn more about deciding from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

April 27, 202317 min read 643 views
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Best Bass Lures & Baits To Catch Hawgs in Every Season

Can your current tackle box catch a prized bass yet? Learn all about the best bass lures and baits any bass angler needs to be ready for every stubborn hawg!

April 10, 202315 min read 436 views
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Best Striped Bass Baits + Lures for Saltwater + Freshwater

The right bait and lure can make or break a fishing trip. Academy's experts offer tips to select the right bait and lure for striped bass fishing. Learn more.

April 07, 202315 min read 597 views
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Best Catfish Bait & Lures That Actually Work

When deciding on bait or lure to use when fishing for catfish, identifying the species is your first step. Learn more expert tips on catfish bait from Academy.

March 29, 202315 min read 341 views
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Best Redfish Lures & Baits for Your Next Red Drum Trip

Be prepared for your next fishing trip with insights on the best baits, live and artificial, to use to attract redfish your way from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

March 24, 202315 min read 86 views
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Best Crappie Baits & Lures to Catch Your Next Slab

Fishing for crappie is fun, especially with the right lure. No matter your experience level, Academy offers recommendations on the best crappie lure and bait.

March 23, 202315 min read 681 views
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Best Walleye Lures & Baits To Catch More Year-Round

Endless choices for walleye lure and bait can make the decision hard. Turn to Academy experts for advice on choosing the right type for your next big trip.

March 23, 202312 min read 40 views
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15 Types of Fishing Lures for Your Next Freshwater Trip

Certain types of fishing lures are best for freshwater fishing. Learn more about the different kinds from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

March 22, 202315 min read 87 views
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Baitcaster vs Spinning Reels: What’s the Difference?

Baitcaster and spinning reels are two of the most popular types of fishing reels. Learn how to choose the best one for you from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

March 22, 202310 min read 1278 views
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Parts of a Fishing Rod: The Ultimate Anatomy + Components Guide

What are the various parts of a fishing rod? In this ultimate guide, our experts deconstruct the anatomy of a fishing pole, so you can master your cast faster!

March 22, 202310 min read 660 views
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