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Flashlights + Lanterns

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Handheld Lighting

When the power goes out unexpectedly, you're taking a trip to the attic or checking under the hood, flashlights offer handy lighting solutions. Tactical flashlights provide a variety of features, such as different brightness or strobe modes. Units that can be mounted onto your firearm or clipped to your pocket ensure easy access. Water-resistant lights are prepared to withstand the elements, and key chain flashlights deliver illumination wherever you go.

Campsite Illumination

As the sun sets and the fire dies down, campsites grow dark. Find your way with the proper outside lights. Lanterns and propane lanterns contribute helpful exterior lighting that provides hours of illumination. Carrying handles are easy to grip, and there are a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from when spending time camping and outdoors. Don't forget to stock up on batteries for all of your exterior lighting devices as well.

Other Forms of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights can range from garden lights and landscape lighting to headlamps and spotlights. Spotlights are great options for hunting or for working late nights outdoors. Rechargeable outdoor lights allow you to plug in at the end of each day to recharge and maintain strong performance. Other convenient options include headlamps and hat clips. Sometimes hiking trips can stretch into evening and leave you on a dark trail. Headlamps and hat clips are equipped with straps, buckles and clips for hands-free lighting when you need it most.