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B&B Competition Char-Log
B&B Competition Char-Log
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Outdoor Gourmet Universal 66 in Grill Cover
Outdoor Gourmet Universal 66 in Grill Cover
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Marinades, Spices And Seasonings

When it comes to BBQ accessories, don't forget about the marinades, spices and seasonings that turn your burgers from good to great. Rubs and sauces are an easy way to add an extra burst of heat and flavor. Use grill thermometers to make sure that your steaks are cooked to a perfect medium rare for that juicy tenderness that everyone loves. Fire up your grills and smokers, load up with your favorite flavorings and settle in for a feast.

Charcoal, Wood And Peanut Oil

Using charcoal, wood or peanut oil adds a delicious, smoky taste to your barbecue that can't be replicated by gas grills. Preparing your next salmon filets on cedar grilling planks can help amplify the natural flavors, and putting some wood pellets or chips in with your charcoal is an easy way to create added zip in your meals. Fire starters, lighters and other BBQ accessories make sure that you're ready to heat things up when the fires start to burn low.

Handy Grill Accessories

Versatile grill top accessories can help you prepare your meals more efficiently. Grill accessories, such as a rib rack or grilling wok, make it easier to prepare specific dishes, while grilling tools and utensils help you baste and flip each piece at just the right time. Use gloves and aprons to protect against accidents, and look for a hinged grill grate that makes it easy to add coals or retrieve fallen food.

Replacement Grill Parts

Wear and tear on your grill is inevitable, so keeping grill maintenance and replacement parts on hand helps ensure faulty grill parts, like a burner or tube, don't ruin your barbecue. Keep your equipment protected between uses with a tough grill or smoker cover that wards off the elements.