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Gun Safety Rules: Beginner Gun Owner’s Guide to Firearms

Are you a beginner gun owner curious to learn about firearm safety rules? Here are all the gun safety rules you should consider as a first-time gun buyer.

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Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker: Learn the Key Differences

Curious whether to buy an electric vs. pellet smoker? This guide will cover the key differences between the two, including price, fuel, flavor, and more!

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What Is a Pellet Grill? Cook Like a Backyard Pro

Ready to get grilling, smoking, and baking? Learn about the pros and cons of pellet grills, how they work, and whether or not they’re a right fit for you.

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What Is a Kamado Grill? Learn How to Use One + Benefits

Ready to join the Kamado grilling side? Discover what they are, how to use them, and what factors to consider when shopping for them.

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7 Types of Smokers Explained: Best Ones to Buy + Why

Grilling season is finally here! Find out more about the different types of smokers available so you can find the right one for you and get to smoking.

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How to Choose Running Shoes: Types & Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing the right pair of running shoes isn’t always easy. Use this guide to figure out the top considerations when shopping for running shoes.

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How Should Running Shoes Fit? Learn the Easy Measuring Method

Too snug or too loose? Running shoes should fit perfectly right out of the box. Learn the proper fit for running shoes so you can shop with confidence.

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Running in Winter: 10 Tips for Your Cold Weather Run

There's no need to hang up your running shoes just because it's cold outside. Discover our top tips and advice for surviving the winter running season.

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Best Lake Trout Baits & Lures to Catch Your Next Slab

Lake Trout swims close to the surface of the water in a lake

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Running in the Rain: Beginner Tips & What to Wear Guide

Afternoon sun showers calling your name? Learn how to prepare for running in the rain, what gear to wear, practical tips for running in the rain, and more!

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How To Start Running & Stay Motivated for Good

Ready to learn how to start running and finally stay motivated? The Academy Sports + Outdoors running experts walk you through each easy step in this guide!

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Best Rainbow Trout Baits + Lures To Catch Like a Pro

Targeting rainbow trout is simple when you use the right bait and lures. Learn more about deciding from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

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How to Break in Running Shoes According to the Experts

Making the switch from your old pair of running shoes to your new ones requires a bit of patience. Learn how to break in running shoes with this helpful guide.

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Baseball Glove Size Charts To Choose the Perfect Fit

Ensure you have a good fit with our baseball glove size charts + other key considerations including type by position, material, and sizing from Academy.

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Gas Vs. Charcoal Grills: Discover the Differences

Need help deciding between a gas and charcoal grill? In this article, we examine cooking time, flavor, cleanup, and more to help you make the best choice.

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How Long Do Running Shoes Last & When to Replace Them

Running shoes don’t last forever. Learn the telltale signs it’s time to replace your old pair and tips to keep your new shoes lasting longer.

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Best Bass Lures & Baits To Catch Hawgs in Every Season

Can your current tackle box catch a prized bass yet? Learn all about the best bass lures and baits any bass angler needs to be ready for every stubborn hawg!

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Best Striped Bass Baits + Lures for Saltwater + Freshwater

The right bait and lure can make or break a fishing trip. Academy's experts offer tips to select the right bait and lure for striped bass fishing. Learn more.

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Baseball Bat Size Chart + Buying Guide

Choosing the right baseball bat can seem daunting. However, knowing the parts of a bat, different material types, and how to size a bat makes it easy!

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Softball Glove vs. Baseball Glove: What’s the Difference?

Learn key differences between baseball and softball gloves and how to spot the difference with insights from Academy experts. Click to learn more!

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Best Catfish Bait & Lures That Actually Work

When deciding on bait or lure to use when fishing for catfish, identifying the species is your first step. Learn more expert tips on catfish bait from Academy.

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Best Muscle Recovery Tools for Athletes + Post-Workout

Sore muscles are inevitable for every athlete, but muscle recovery tools can help you get back out there. Learn about recovery equipment from Academy.

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Best Redfish Lures & Baits for Your Next Red Drum Trip

Be prepared for your next fishing trip with insights on the best baits, live and artificial, to use to attract redfish your way from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

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Best Crappie Baits & Lures to Catch Your Next Slab

Fishing for crappie is fun, especially with the right lure. No matter your experience level, Academy offers recommendations on the best crappie lure and bait.

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