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Firearms Articles & Tips

Explore the world of firearms: how to's and innovations. Check out our safety tips and latest articles on types of firearms—your definitive guide to responsible gun ownership.

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The Parts of a Pistol: Frame, Barrel, Action, and More

A person putting a pistol in a holster

May 17, 202411 min read 79 views
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What are the Types of Ammunition? FMJ, Hollow Point, and More

Explore the world of ammunition — Understand common types and uses for a broad range of ammo including FMJ, hollow point, soft point, and shotshells.

May 10, 20248 min read 94 views
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How to Clean a Shotgun: A Step-by-Step Guide

Need to clean your shotgun? Keep it looking good with our step-by-step guide: Easy tips to maintain performance with only a few supplies needed.

May 05, 20248 min read 77 views
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28 Gauge vs 410 Bore: A Shotgun Shell Comparison

A 28 gauge shotshell on the left and 410 bore shotshell on the right with ‘vs’ in the middle.

April 30, 20249 min read 149 views
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Parts of a Shotgun: A Complete Guide to How It Works

Wondering where the safety is on a shotgun? Or what about the choke? Explore the various parts of a shotgun, including the muzzle, grip, safety, trigger, and more.

April 30, 202412 min read 344 views
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5.56mm vs .300 Blackout: Which Rifle Cartridge is Right for You?

Choosing between the 5.56mm and .300 Blackout rifle ammunition for hunting or shooting? Our guide helps you pick the best cartridge for your needs.

April 22, 20249 min read 129 views
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Which Cartridge Is Best? Analyzing .270 Win vs .308 Win

Wondering whether .308 Winchester or the .270 Winchester cartridge is best? In this guide, we’ll cover ballistics, effective range, ammo availability, and more.

April 04, 202410 min read 60 views
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Shotgun Types: Pump-Action vs Break-Action vs Semi-Automatic

Looking to buy your first shotgun for hunting or home defense? Uncover the most popular types of shotguns, including pump-action, break-action, and semi-automatic.

April 03, 202412 min read 298 views
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Types of Pistols: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

In the market for a pistol? Discover the different types of pistols available, their uses, the main parts of a pistol, and more.

April 03, 202412 min read 337 views
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9 mm vs .45 ACP: What’s the Difference & Which Is Better?

Discover the distinct differences between the 9mm vs .45 ACP. Whether for home defense or concealed carry — find out which caliber stands out.

April 03, 202412 min read 603 views
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.308 vs .30-06: Head to Head

Is the .308 or the .30-06 a better cartridge? This guide covers their bullet specs, bullet drop, accuracy, velocity, and more.

March 30, 20248 min read 190 views
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9mm vs .40 S&W: Battle of the Cartridges

In this guide, we break down the pros and cons of 9mm and .40 S&W and all the details to help you choose the right ammo for your firearm.

March 26, 20248 min read 95 views
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