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Hunting from above can give you an edge over game, and hunting treestands and hunting ladder stands help you do just that. Hunting ladder stands and hang-on stands are made to keep you securely perched up in a tree. Ladders and tree steps help you scale the trunk, and sturdy platforms provide a stable place to sit or stand. Many platforms offer a shooting rest for your gun or bow and come with hanging hooks for your shooting gear, so you can bring everything you need up with you. Tripod stands sit alone, which makes them ideal for clearings and other areas without trees to climb. Some models come with rotating seats, so you can enjoy a 360� view of your surroundings. Like hunting apparel, hunting stands are made to blend in with nature to help maintain your cover as you wait for game to pass by.
Hunting blinds let you shoot from solid terra firma. While many like a small tent, landing strip and layout models let you maintain an even lower profile to suit hunting areas with tall grass. Hunting blinds are covered in camo and offer several comfort features, such as UV-protective fabrics, shoot-through windows, gun ports, packable designs that are easy to carry and multiperson blinds that accommodate you and a couple of your hunting buddies. Once you find the blind that suits you best, check out the assortment of cover materials, hunting stools, scent eliminators and other hunting essentials to enhance your setup and your experience.