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Essential Items for Your Shooting Range Bag

WriterAcademy Staff
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Essential Items for Your Shooting Range Bag

Are you ready to feel at home on the shooting range?

You should always feel comfortable at the range and confident during your visit so you can “hit the target” with your best results. Preparation and safety are important factors to help achieve this.

Before attending the range, it is important to consider how you will get your accessories to and from the range. This is when a range bag comes in handy.

Shooting Range Bag

The ideal range ready bag will provide:

  • Durability
  • Appropriate capacity
  • Ample storage options
  • Comfort and a look that makes the bag your own

Other than these characteristics, remember that the specific range bag that you choose should be assembled with items that are conducive to your specific shooting goals.

What Should You Have in Your Range Bag?

Provided below is a list of essentials to help you get and stay range ready. It is also recommended to contact your shooting range beforehand and inquire about any prohibited items that you may not be allowed to bring.

Shooting Gear and Accessories

These shooting gear accessories will help ensure that you are as efficient and effective on the range as possible. Having these tools in your range bag will help you maximize your shooting and practice time.

Load Up with Ammunition

Having additional ammunition and a means to carry it can mean the difference between long or short practice sessions. You may need a separate ammo tote to carry ammunition if your range bag is already filled with too many other items – always avoid overloading your bag.

Furthermore, depending on the requirements, range officials may prefer a specific type of ammo and may require that you have a way to indicate when your firearm is empty before you can admire your handiwork. Consider picking up:

  • Ammunition
  • Dummy rounds
  • Magazines
  • Chamber flags or empty chamber indicators

Eye and Ear Protection for the Shooting Range

Although most ranges put ample safety measures in place, there are certain measures that you can take to help keep yourself even further protected. Make sure your shoulder straps are in perfect working order and not frayed or torn and consider carrying replacement straps in case damage unexpectedly occurs. Sun and bug protection may be necessary depending on whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, while protecting your hearing and sight at all times is a must. Recommended items include:

Essential Items for Your Shooting Range Bag - Hearing Protection Image
  • High-quality ear protection (and extra batteries) such as the Walker's Patriot Razor Muff with Patch
  • High-quality vision protection
  • First aid/trauma kit
  • Sun and bug protection
  • Personal emergency information

Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

Carrying gun cleaning and maintenance items will help to ensure that your firearms continue to run smoothly as you kick your skills up a notch. Carrying these along can make gun cleaning and maintenance tasks a cinch as the tools will be readily available.

Essential Items for Your Shooting Range Bag - Cleaning kit image

Other Essentials for the Gun Range

These additional essentials may also be helpful for the time you spend at the range. The accessories in this list are ideal for enhancing your visit’s comfort and experience:

  • High-protein snacks and water
  • Plastic bags
  • Journal, pen, pencil
  • Personal care items
  • Flashlight or tactical LED flashlight

Remember that what belongs in your tactical range bag should be there to ensure your safety, efficiency, and confidence on the range.

Range Bag Expert Tips

1. Keep your gun separate from other items in your bag. Having a bag with gun-specific pockets that lock or separate pouches for firearms can help you prevent damage to your firearm or its misuse.

2. Label everything in your bag. Clear labels and even a bag supplies checklist allow you to increase the efficiency, organization, and accessibility of your range bag.

3. Using plastic bags to hold all your small and loose items helps keep them secure, organized, and safe from the elements. A large plastic trash bag can be used as well to shield your bag and everything in it from rain and harsh weather conditions.

target image

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