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Fishing Near Me

If you are new to fishing or have fished for years but have recently moved to a new city or state, finding the best fishing spots can be harder than snagging a yellowfin tuna. You can use the traditional local fishing tricks: talking to locals, especially in your neighborhood Academy Sports + Outdoors store, about their preferred spots and reading local publications about the neighboring outdoor areas.

The drawbacks to those methods? Folks who have a treasured fishing hole aren’t always eager to share its location with family and friends, let alone strangers. And local publications usually provide information about mostly crowded, tourist-packed areas for fishing trips.

Public Fishing Near Me

Our friends over at know have put together this easy-to-use interactive map to help you find the best public fishing and boating spots nearby. Search by location, find local boat ramps and marinas and even search for spots by the fish species you hope to catch.

You can also add points of interest, check for best times to fish, and find local Academy stores to buy fishing gear on this map below provided by our friends at

Do I Need a License to Fish?

Every state in the U.S. requires adults to obtain a fishing license. Depending on the age of your children or older family members, they may not be required to have a license. Remember that a fishing license is only valid for fishing in the state where it was issued.

Additionally, some state parks offer exemptions, and some states also have free fishing days (or even entire weekends) when licenses are not required to fish. For more information, check local fishing laws in your state as they vary from one another.

Can I Get a Fishing License at Academy?

It’s easy to get your fishing license at Academy Sports + Outdoors. Visit your closest store today for this quick, same-day service so you can get registered and out on the water faster than you can say brookies!

Find Fishing and Boating Essentials at Academy

Whether you enjoy fishing for its many health benefits, making delicious and nutritious meals from your catches, or doing it all for the thrill of the sport, we believe that finding your way back to the water for your next fishing adventure should be easy.

Find fishing essentials – including rods, reels, baits and lures, tackle, and more – and boating equipment and accessories at Academy online and in-store.

father and daughter fishing