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Competitive Swimsuits To Give You An Edge

Races often come down to just a few fractions of a second, so you need every advantage you can get to win. Competitive swimsuits are usually made of a snug elastane fabric that's designed to minimize drag and help you slice through the water effortlessly, so you shave off time with each stroke you make. Suits with UV protection shield you against the sun's harmful rays, allowing you can train outdoors safely, while other competitive swimsuits are designed to withstand the damage caused by chlorine, making them a great choice for indoors use.

Competition Swimwear Accessories

Swimming goggles are another way to make sure you're comfortable during an intense race. A tight-fitting design helps keep pool water away from your eyes, so you can avoid the stinging and burning of chlorinated water. Most swim goggles have a nonfog design that helps make sure you can see the finish line, even in water that's being churned by you and your competitors. If you have longer hair, a swim cap is a great way to help keep it dry while also avoiding exposure to chlorine that can damage and weaken your hair or cause discoloration in dyed hair.