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Men's Tennis Shoes

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Step Onto the Court

Academy is home to an outstanding selection of men's tennis shoes from leading manufacturers such as Nike, adidas, Fila, ASICS, and more. Shop tennis shoes for men designed for a range of court surfaces and playing styles, made with top quality materials to deliver session after session of peak performance. These specially designed sneakers are crafted for an ideal fit, cradling your feet in comfort and your ankles in secure stability as you make the explosive lateral movements characteristic of the game played at its highest level. Choose a timeless pair of white tennis shoes for a classic court look, or stand out at a glance with a stylish pair showing off a vibrant accent color to bring your personal style to the game. Prepare for competition or perfect your form in dynamic men's court shoes from this special collection.

Your Shoe, Your Surface

Tennis is a game played on a variety of surfaces including grass, clay, and hardcourt, so tennis shoes are adapted to the individual player and playing styles more than most other types of athletic footwear. Academy's extensive selection makes it easy to find tennis court shoes men's players can rely on in any arena. Hard courts can put more wear on your shoes than other courts, causing abrasions to the materials, and so shoes for this surface are typically made with non-marking soles to avoid leaving scuffs on the surface. They also are built with more shock absorption and cushioning to deliver added support and forgiving flex to help preserve your knees and hips. Clay court men's tennis shoes online are often made with a herringbone tread design to both keep clay from clogging the outsole and prevent the shoe from damaging the court while allowing advanced players to make controlled slides during play. Both clay and grass court shoes feature lighter weight designs, but grass shoes have nubby outsoles engineered to deliver traction without damaging the natural surface. Shop the special selection of on court styles at Academy to find tennis sneakers online adapted for your game and where you play it.