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Support Injuries Old And New With Sports Recovery Gear

Focused on fitness? If so, it's essential to stock up on sports medicine equipment. Whether you're treating a reoccurring injury or need to alleviate a minor sprain, sports recovery supplies ensure you can start healing and get back in the game ASAP. To stabilize sprains, strains and injury-prone areas, browse braces and supports. Compression wraps and sleeves made of stretchy neoprene provide warmth and support to the afflicted area without sacrificing maneuverability, while rigid braces with metal stays and hinges limit motion to help reduce the risk of re-injury. Need targeted, short-term support? Choose athletic tape to achieve the stability you need.

Sports Medicine Equipment To Soothe Sore Muscles

You gave it your all at the gym - now it's time to soothe those sore muscles. Contoured foam rollers and balls with targeted trigger points help relax tight muscle knots and work out excess lactic acid across multiple parts of the body. For an extra level of comfort, consider heated massaging rollers and compact designs that slip in your bag for relief any time it's needed.

First-Aid Care

Stock up on pain relief supplies to stop discomfort in its tracks. Hot/cold packs, bandages and antiseptics are great for bumps, bruises and scrapes, while cooling pain relief sprays and TENS units ease sore muscles and joints in no time. If you're headed out for a run, body glide stops chafing before it begins to help you stay comfortable and focused.