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Variety Of Trotline Supplies

Using a trotline can be a great way to catch fish, especially catfish. Simply place the line with appropriate bait across the width of a river or stream and wait for your catch to take the bait. Trotline supplies, including clips and fishing twine, make it easy for you to create your own trotlines, or use them to repair your existing line. Look for clips to help ensure your hooks are securely attached. Be sure to browse our full selection of fishing tools to find more ways to land that elusive fish.

Fishing With Jug Rigs

Jug rigs are another easy way to catch fish without spending hours with a rod and reel. Lines are attached to floating jugs and left for a period of time, then checked to see if anything has been caught. Be sure to stock up on replacement twine and clips to repair lines that have been damaged by aggressive fish and weights to help keep the jug from traveling too far. Browse our Fishing Shop to find the tools and accessories you need to keep your trotline and jug rigs in proper working condition.