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Shop Life Jackets For The Entire Family

Make Academy Sports & Outdoors your first stop for life vests for your outdoor water activities. Safety comes first and that means having an ample supply of the best life jackets on the market available to your family and guests at all times. Boat and water ski safety is vital whether it's a lazy Sunday at the lake or heading out to take in the ocean. You want to create an environment where water safety is the first priority for guests. Create that habit early for little ones and kids so they know how to be safe on the water. These jackets are available in many sizes to ensure you have the right fit for everyone in your party. The best life vests are the ones that fit properly since the purpose is to create buoyancy in the water. A life jacket that is too large runs the risk of falling off the person and puts them in potential harm depending on their swimming skills and the strength of the water.

Which Water Life Vests You Need

The water life jackets you need depend on where you and guests will wear the jackets. For kids, floaties and child-sized life vests work for the majority of water activities. A child should never be in very rough natural bodies of water without a proper-fitting vest and adult supervision. For adults, consider the water activity when selecting vests. Those who kayak or canoe often will benefit from paddle vests. These vests are constructed with ample room for movement on the water and never feel constricting. Weight is concentrated at the front and back of the vest, giving the rower plenty of room on the sides for thorough and fluid rowing. Water sports vest offer full coverage at the front and back with secure closures. This allows the jacket to stay on through water skiing, jet skiing and other typically fast-paced water sports. You do not want to leave room for error with serious water sports and risk a vest coming off. For fishers and boaters, there are vests designed specifically for these activities, which offer coverage only at the front of the body.