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Balance Training Equipment

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Improve Your Balance With Stability Balls

When you're striving to get trim and fit, you need more than just a treadmill and a few weights in your arsenal. Branch out with some stability training that'll improve your balance, core strength and overall posture. Stability balls are inflatable workout accessories that help you perform crunches, push-ups, wall-sits, pikes and other exercises that work your abdomen, arms, shoulders, legs and other essential muscle groups. Choose from full stability balls in an array of sizes that'll feel most comfortable for your height, as well as balance ball trainers that lie flat on the floor to suit a variety of standing workouts.

Enhance Your Fitness Regimen With Stability Boards

Already have a fitness ball for your favorite yoga and Pilates moves? Gain even greater balance and agility with a stability board. Built to sit unevenly against the floor, wobble boards and balance boards cause you to engage your core and other muscles to keep you balanced each time you're on it. Sturdy wobble boards made of ABS plastic and other materials provide support while you're standing or leaning on it, and balance boards have a nonslip surface that helps keep it firmly in place while you're sweating through each rep. If you're not sure exactly how to use one, start with a fitness kit that offers a workout DVD or chart to get you started and go from there.