Code Red Code Red Doe Urine Code Red Doe Urine is freshly blended using only natural ingredients and is not diluted with flavorings or byproducts. Scents 017030354
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Code Red Doe Urine

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Attract bucks and put does at ease this hunting season with Code Red Doe Urine. The urine is never diluted with flavorings or byproducts, resulting in a powerful scent that will stimulate a buck's curiosity and draw him toward your hunting stand. The urine stays potent without added preservatives and can be used to put a doe at ease by convincing her other does are in the area.

Features and Benefits

  • - Doe urine stimulates a buck's curiosity and draws him closer to your deer hunting stand
  • - Freshly blended using no added preservatives, flavorings or byproducts for a potent scent
  • - Use in deer hunting bow season to put a doe at ease and take away her natural wariness by creating the illusion that other does are in the area
  • - Lay lure trails to your deer hunting stand, make fake scrapes or freshen up natural scrapes to attract deer

What's in the Box

  • - Code Red Doe Urine
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