Otis Technology Brass Scraper Set

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The Otis Technology Brass Scraper Set includes many items that can be used to clean most firearms, including a brass scraper, a straight locking lug pick and male and female rod handles.

Features and Benefits

  • - Brass scraper to remove carbon deposits
  • - Locking lug scraper for the locking lugs on AR-15, M4 or M16 rifles
  • - Straight locking lug pick to clean in the tight crevices
  • - Pin punch for removing pins held together with a pin system
  • - Nylon end brush with stiff bristles to lubricate sides and dust off carbon
  • - Compact receiver brush for all parts that may need to be scrubbed
  • - Male and female rod handles can be added to each of the components for extra length

What's in the Box

  • - Brass scraper
  • - Locking lug scraper
  • - Straight locking lug pick
  • - Pin punch
  • - Nylon end brush
  • - Compact receiver brush
  • - Male rod handle
  • - Female rod handle

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