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  • Q&A

  • Designed for hunters that are new to fluted-style calls, this Primos Canada Goose Flute features a Flex-End hose that creates automatic back pressure so you don't have to manipulate your hands to break the honk from a low tone to a high note. The flute reproduces loud tones of the Canada goose with ease.
    Features and Benefits
  • Notched reed system offers easy cleaning and re-assembly
  • Reproduces loud tones for realism
  • Produces Canadian goose calls, including greeting calls, honks, intermediate greeting calls, clucks, double clucks, come back calls and lay down calls
  • Flex-End hose creates automatic back pressure to simplify the flute
  • Specifications
  • Call Type: Goose
  • What's in the Box
  • Primos Canada Goose Flute
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