Hornady Hornady .45-70 Government Reloading Dies 3-Pack The Hornady .45-70 Government Reloading Dies 3-Pack feature a smooth finish and a Zip Spindle™ design. Reloading Equipment 024743742
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Hornady .45-70 Government Reloading Dies 3-Pack

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The Hornady .45-70 Government Reloading Dies 3-Pack provide incremental adjustments and feature a Zip Spindle™ design to lock in place and eliminate slippage. This set comes with a standard seating die, a standard expanding die and a straight wall sizing die with a smooth finish to prevent excessive friction. The straight wall sizing die also features a titanium-coated sizing ring (gold ring) that does not need lubrication. A compartmentalized box is included for simple storage.

Features and Benefits

  • - Zip Spindle™ design locks in place to eliminate slippage and provides incremental adjustments
  • - Smooth finish helps prevent case sticking and excessive friction
  • - Straight wall sizing die features a titanium-coated sizing ring (gold ring) that requires no lubrication
  • - Sure-Loc™ lock rings with wrench flats clamp around the die and apply pressure across the threads to hold the ring in place
  • - Locking screw tightens the ring without coming into contact with the threads to help prevent potential damage from pliers
  • - Elliptical expander offers smooth neck sizing
  • - Seater adjustment screw easily adjusts for bullet seating depths
  • - In-line bullet seating system keeps the bullet, the case neck and the seating stem in perfect alignment
  • - Built-in crimper
  • - Includes a compartmentalized box that is stackable and labeled for convenient storage

What's in the Box

  • - 1 standard seating die
  • - 1 standard expanding die
  • - 1 straight wall sizing die
  • - Box
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