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  • Q&A

  • Use Code Blue 1 fl. oz. Whitetail Doe Urine to successfully lure bucks throughout whitetail deer hunting season. Each bottle of urine is taken from a single doe and marked with that deer's unique registration number to provide a powerful unmixed scent that is effective even when it is too soon to use mating scents.
    Features and Benefits
  • Doe urine is an effective scent early in the season before it is time to use mating scents
  • Each 1 fl. oz. bottle comes from a single doe and is marked with that deer's registration number to ensure its purity
  • Doe urine's scent piques the interest of big bucks by telling them there is a doe in the area, luring them into range throughout hunting season
  • Spread the urine using a scent drag or use it to soak scent wicks near your hunting stand
  • Specifications
  • Product weight: 1 fl. oz.
  • Scent Type: Deer
  • What's in the Box
  • Code Blue 1 fl. oz. Whitetail Doe Urine