buying guide

the basics

So, you’re finally ready to get in the game and you’re lacking the equipment or knowledge to do so. We have you covered for everything you need to get on the battlefield with your friends for a Paintball outing. Get what you need at to jump into a beginner’s game or go straight into a game for battle tested veterans. Let’s get started.

Depending on your level of interest, here are the basics that you will need when you arrive at the field of battle:

  • paintball marker (gun)
  • paintball air systems
  • protective paintball gear
  • paintball accessories
  • paintballs
  • maintenance

Now you’re ready to buy, but not sure where to start? Let us walk you through what you might need in each of the categories above.

paintball marker (gun)

First and foremost, you are going to need a piece of equipment to fire the paintballs and those are Paintball Markers. It is most important that you pick a Paintball Marker that matches your skill level.

Start out with a basic Paintball Marker. You can go with a kit that provides the Marker and a few other essentials that will have you ready for day one. This will allow you to trade up in Markers depending on your continued level of interest.

A step up from the beginner, the recreational player might need a stronger Paintball Marker to achieve his or her goals on the battlefield. The next step up from a beginner Marker would be an Automatic Marker. These can be found in semi-automatic (does not fire a second round until the trigger is released and re-pressed by the person discharging it) and fully automatic (continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed or held and there are paintballs in the chamber or magazine).

Now you can fit your Paintball Marker to your exact position in battle:
Front Line Players – With a need for speed and mobility, find a Paintball Marker with a remote air hose.
Cover Players – To provide cover fire for your teammates, you will need to be able to re-load at record speed. Look for a Paintball Marker that has a larger air-supply bottle and remote line hose system to allow you to do your job for longer periods of time.
Utility Players – For the player that likes to charge ahead or lay down cover for teammates, you need the best of both worlds. Look for a Paintball Marker that provides you a large air system for longer time in battle and a large mounted tank for less re-loading during game play.

paintball air systems

Almost as important as the Paintball Marker, the Paintball Air System is vital to success on the battlefield of play. There are two types of air systems for you to choose from.

carbon dioxide (co2) systems

If you are out competing with your friends in a recreational setting, then this is the system for you. The tank size determines how many rounds you can fire off before having to refill the tank. Most paintball fields are able to fill your carbon dioxide tanks, but make sure you ask beforehand.

high-pressure air (hpa) systems

This is for the serious/advanced player. Also called a nitrogen system, the HPA system offers lighter weight, more shot volume and better accuracy. However, not all paintball fields will be able to fill an HPA tank. Make sure you check before heading out for battle.

protective paintball gear

While there are all kinds of protection you can get for any Paintball experience, there are three essential pieces of protective gear. If you have ever been shot by a paintball, then you know these are a must have.

paintball vest

Used to protect some of your vital organs, every gamer needs a Paintball specific vest. These vests come in a variety of sizes and have varying features. From the standard protection one provides your chest, back and midsection, some vests also provide compartments to carry extra ammunition, extra air tanks and any other extras you could possibly carry into the field of play.


Cover up with chest protectors, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards and neck pads. While not essential, these can hopefully get you home with less bruising at the end of the day.

goggles & masks

There are specific goggles and masks made specifically for paintballers. Paintball goggles are designed to help you avoid eye injuries, and some are designed with face shields to protect your head, ears and jaw. But, if you want even more protection, you can opt for the full paintball mask.

paintball accessories

Before you head out on the field of battle, make sure you gear up with accessories to improve your paintball experience. None of these are necessary to enjoy a day of play, but all can enhance your experience in one way or another.

paintball storage

Need more paintballs out in the field, then get yourself a hopper – basic paintball storage bin, that attaches to the top of your manual Paintball Marker. It will also work with an electric Paintball Marker that has a low- to mid-range firing rate. The serious player can get a loader, which is just a battery-powered motorized hopper, designed to work faster.

paintball marker barrel upgrade

You can fit your Paintball Marker with a new barrel. They come in different lengths – most are 10- to 18-inches long – and bores (inside diameter). Select the bore size that fits the paintballs you will be using.

remote control air supply

Use the remote air hose to lighten your Paintball Marker. The line connects your Paintball Marker to an add-on air supply so that it doesn’t have to be directly mounted onto the Paintball Marker.


An essential for any Paintball adventure, these consist of water-based paint surrounded by a gelatin coating. These come in many sizes and colors.

paintball sizing: Paintball sizes include .50-caliber, .62-caliber, .63-caliber, .68-caliber and .72-caliber. Make sure you are buying paintballs that fit the diameter of the barrel on your Paintball Marker.

paintball colors: Choose brightly colored paintballs that make it easier to see a hit.

paintball storage: Make sure you properly store your paintballs in a cool, dry place that will keep them away from humidity.


Your day on the battlefield is about to begin, or it has just come to an end. , but that doesn’t mean you are finished for the day. Don’t forget to clean your Paintball Marker to make sure the next time you are ready to compete your equipment is in perfect working condition.

general cleaning: Make sure your Paintball Marker is free of dirt, paint and anything else that could make its way into the gun. This will assure that your Marker will fire true and accurate each time you put it to use.

lubrication: To insure your Paintball Marker is working properly, make sure you lubricate as often as your gun instructions call for it, either with oil or grease.

o-ring replacement: To make sure that compressed air that is used to fire your Paintball Marker stays where it should, the O-Rings, which create an air-tight seal and are essential to this process, need to be inspected before each use.

batteries: Many Paintball Markers and hoppers use batteries. Make sure the batteries are still good before heading out on the field of play. Bad batteries can cause your marker to malfunction.