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Former Houston Oiler Davidson Serves Passion For Game Long After Playing Days Had Ended

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The Complete Parent's Guide to Youth Football

Football Positions, Rules and Terms. Learn Tips on How to be the Most Valuable Parent

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Buying Guides

Not sure exactly what your athlete needs to be ready for the first day of practice this season? Let us help you pick the right helmet, shoulder pads, cleats and accessories to make sure your athlete is geared up and ready for contact.

How To Fit Your Equipment

Football equipment comes in different sizes and fits. Using the fitting videos below, make certain you’re wearing equipment correctly so that you receive maximum protection during practices and in games.

Watch Shoulder Pad Fitting Videos

Schutt Shoulder Pads

Equipment Checklist

Still need help? Download or print this checklist, take it into your nearest Academy store and let it help you purchase exactly what your athlete needs for that first practice.

Football State Rules

Make sure you know the rules of the game, including rule changes, by clicking on the link below and visiting the athletic governing body in your state.

Starting a Youth Football Team

So, you want to start your own youth football team or organization but don't know where to begin? Follow this five-step gameplan and watch your team hit the gridiron for action this season.

Helmet Sizing Guide

Download this step-by-step guide and reference it in your nearest Academy store to make sure your athlete finds the perfect fitting helmet.

Gear Up for the Season

Champions are made in the late-summer heat, so find the right football cleats and equipment to hit the ground running.