helpful information about volleyvall equipment for all skill levels

Indoor Volleyball

Indoor Volleyball Design Features:

  • Indoor volleyballs have 10-18 panels sewn together to prom a spherical outer shell
  • The internal air bladder provides action and responsiveness when the ball is struck
  • Most game balls are white, though additional colors have been approved in some leagues and are becoming more popular

Indoor Volleyball Materials:

  • The outer lining, or shell, of an indoor volleyball is typically made of leather or synthetic leather
  • As you move from GOOD to BETTER to BEST quality balls, the quality and durability of the materials improves
  • BEST quality indoor volleyballs will have a better feel, last longer, and hold their air pressure better

Indoor Volleyball Weights:

  • Standard indoor volleyballs weigh 12 oz
  • Lighter 8 oz balls are available and typically used for youth players under 14
  • Heavier 16 oz balls are used for training purposes and help to develop strength, particularly when setting

Outdoor Volleyball

Outdoor Ball Design:

  • Outdoor volleyballs are very similar to indoor volleyballs, using the same size and weight specifications
  • One primary difference is that outdoor volleyballs typically use bright colors to help improve visibility when playing in the bright sun
  • Outdoor balls are also less pressurized in order to minimize the effects of the wind

Outdoor Volleyball Materials:

  • Outdoor volleyballs are designed so that they won't absorb moisture
  • Materials used include soft synthetic leathers and com0posites resulting in a generally spongier-feeling ball that is easier to handle and control
  • Moving from GOOD to BETTER to BEST results in more durable outer materials and bladders, providing the customer with a longer-lasting, high performance ball

Knee Pads

  • Because indoor volleyball games are played on hardwood courts, players will wear knee pads to avoid injuries
  • Pads are available in junior, adult, and one-size-fits-all sizes
  • Typically made from polyurethane (PU) foam padding
  • Provide shock absorption as well as the ability to slide (not stick) on gym floors
  • Moving from GOOD to BETTER to BEST quality knee pads results in more durable materials and comfort


  • The 4 main factors to differentiate volleyball footwear are: design, material, arch support, and price
  • The material for most shoes will be a synthetic leather with mesh uppers to provide good support with lighter weight and better breathability
  • For support and design each manufacturer will have their own style, cushioning and support systems for their particular footwear
  • The 3 brands of footwear we offer is: Nike, Asics, and Mizuno