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Hit The Open Road On 2 Wheels

Getting from point A to point B is always more fun on a bike. With the wind at your back, you'll feel at ease cruising down the street on a road bike made for city riding. Women's bikes with slim, lightweight frames, tires made for smooth pavement and drop handlebars with handbrakes are great for road races where speed and precision control are important. Suited for more even terrain, cruiser bikes work best for running errands and casual rides around town. They're often enhanced with features, such as broad handlebar designs, wider tires with fenders and generous saddles and baskets or racks for carrying light cargo. Many cruiser bicycles for women are equipped with coaster brakes that allow you to stop simply by tapping the pedals, and there are models available with and without gear shifters to suit your usual paths.

Women's Bicycles For Trail Riding

Gear up for your next cycling adventure over rough, rugged terrain with a women's bike made for woodland trails. Mountain bikes boast heavier metal frames for strength and stability, as well as grippy tires that are built to handle off-road rides over dirt, rocks, tree roots and whatever else Mother Nature has in store. Many women's mountain bikes also boast suspension systems that'll help make bumpy rides feel a little less jarring along the way. If you're not sure where your rides will take you, browse hybrid bicycles for women that offer a combination of the best features found on road and mountain bikes alike.

Shop Women's 3-Wheel Cruisers

Looking for a more laid-back, casual ride? Check out women's bikes with recumbent seats that roll down trails and paved paths on 3 wheels. The seats have backrests for comfort and support, and many models offer reverse gears to help make backing out of tighter spots a little easier. Plus, with caliper brakes at your fingertips, it's simple to stop and enjoy the scenery whenever you want to on your journey. Make each ride an adventure for the whole family. Shop for bicycles and tricycles for men, women and children.