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Protect Your Child

Keeping your child safe is your prime concern, and baseball helmets are a great way to help protect him or her during the ol' ballgame. When selecting a baseball helmet for kids, consider what material it's made of. Baseball helmets are typically made of ABS plastic, which is a tough, lightweight material that provides a high amount of impact resistance to help safeguard your little one against stray balls and wild pitches. Also check to see what standards the batting helmet meets. NOCSAE® establishes benchmarks for many athletic devices and helps deliver a baseline of protection, so surpassing them helps ensure a certain level of safety. We also carry a wide selection of adult helmets to help keep you safe during games.

Pick the Right Accessories

Helmet accessories are a great way to make sure youth baseball helmets give the protection you want for your child. A face guard helps shield your child's face from wayward impacts from baseballs and bats, and while some helmets come with one preinstalled, many others do not. Another item to consider is a chin strap, which helps prevent the helmet from falling off while running or after an aggressive swing.

How Does It Look?

While safety is the paramount concern, we all know that our kids want to look cool. How the helmet looks is important because if it doesn't look good, they won't want to wear it. We offer a broad variety of stylish colors and prints to help make sure your child looks great while out on the field.