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Fun for Two

Enjoy riding around with a friend or loved one on one of these sturdy, comfortable tandem bikes. A two-person bike can be a nice change of pace to regular bike riding and can become a great pastime for you and your riding partner. Co-pilot bike attachments are also available for riding with a child, so you and your son or daughter can ride together. Exercise time can be quality bonding time for you and whoever you ride with, so look at the possibilities in this selection and the rest of our bike shop selection to see what fits your needs best.

Riding in Style

When you're riding through the park, you can catch people's eye by riding on one of these stylish, colorful tandem bikes. These bright colors make it easy for others to spot you and plan their courses accordingly, and safety flags on the co-pilot bike attachments in this selection let people know a child is riding with you. With these easy-to-read visual cues, your tandem bike ride down the streets of the neighborhood or through the local park can become a pleasant and safe experience.