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Protective Wrestling Gear

Having the right equipment is critical for performance in any sport, and wrestling gear is no exception. A wrestling kneepad can help prevent burns and abrasions caused by contact with the mat while also helping to shield your knees against tweaks and minor strains. Wearing an ear guard helps shield against the constant impacts your ears can take during practice and competition, which can lead to painful disfigurations known as cauliflower ear. The right wrestling singlet can help ensure that your arms and legs have the freedom of motion needed for high performance while also keeping you feeling cool and comfortable before, during and after your matches.

Wrestling Equipment And Shoes

The right wrestling equipment can give you the extra edge needed for victory. Wrestling footwear has a lightweight design that won't slow you down as you move while still also providing the traction you need to stay securely on the mat. Most wrestling shoes have a high-top design that provides increased protection and cushioning for your ankles, and look for shoes with higher arches that help keep you on your toes for increased speed and reaction time. Wrestling shoes with mesh construction encourage increased airflow to keep you cool and comfortable, while leather shoes can provide more support.