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Batting Tape

Ensure you have an edge at the next team sports game with batting tape. This grip-boosting tape lets you adjust your bat's grip to your own preferences, giving you more traction at the handle based on how you like to play. Choose from a variety of options with different levels of cushioning, finishes and tack to best suit the way you want your bat to feel when it's go time up at the plate. Batting tape also helps to minimize the vibration you'll feel when the ball hits the bat, so you can feel confident while using baseball accessories to help improve your game.

Bat Power Pads

Boost your grip and minimize bat sting with super-soft bat power pads. Designed to fit most types of bats, including aluminum and wood, baseball bat power pads are a great tool for practicing with the team before the big game. They can even be stacked up to help you choke up on the bat.

Bat Weights

When you're putting time in with the team preparing before the game, use bat weights for warming up and strength training to get everyone raring and ready to perform. Universal designs fit most bats, while durable coatings withstand rigorous sessions and run-throughs.


Swing Away With Baseball Bat Weights

When the pitcher fires in a heater, connecting with the ball and sending it sailing toward the fences takes strength, speed and skill. Make sure you can deliver with help from a few softball and baseball training aids for batters. Designed to help boost your velocity, baseball bat weights are great for practices. They help you get you used to swinging a heavier load, so your bat feels lighter and you're able to react quicker at the plate. Some players also use it to help loosen their muscles quickly during warm-ups and in the on-deck circle. Learn more about softball and baseball bat weights.

Find The Batting Weights The Suit You Best

Resistance training is great for improving strength and speed. When searching for the right batting weight, make sure it fits your softball or baseball bat properly. While many boast a universal fit around either the barrel or handle, some styles are made for aluminum or wood bats specifically. Batting weights come in a variety of styles, including donuts, sleeves and clips. You can often stack bat donuts along your bat to give it a custom weight level, or attach a sleeve that also helps minimize vibration on contact. Check out the array of team sports training gear for softball, baseball and beyond.