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Parts of the Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse sticks are made of two parts: the shaft and the head. Shafts are held by the players while the head at the end of the shaft catches, cradles and throws the ball. You'll choose your stick based on your position and style of play, since both the heads and shafts can be made of a variety of materials and are designed in several different styles for different positions and player preferences. Shafts are usually made of hollow metal, often aluminum or various alloys, but can be made of fiberglass or plastic. They are usually octagonal to provide a better grip. Heads are generally constructed with molded plastic and are strung with synthetic mesh, nylon or leather strings to form a pocket. Lacrosse sticks come in various sizes, with girls' lacrosse sticks being the smallest, men's lacrosse sticks being the largest and women's lacrosse sticks landing in the middle.

Differences in Lacrosse Sticks

Different players will have different preferences, so choose your stick according to which position you play. For example, an attackman may prefer a lighter shaft to facilitate quicker movements and a narrow head for easier ball control, while a defenseman may want a stronger, heavier shaft that will withstand the checks they throw and a flatter and wider head to nab ground balls.