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Durable Hockey Sticks

To withstand challenging team sports practices and last-minute neighborhood scrimmages, street hockey sticks are built tough to last through every shot. Specialized carbon finishes offer excellent durability, while high-impact and abrasion-resistant woods and plastics keep up with stiff competition and tough plays.

Efficient Street Hockey Sticks

Map out the play, prepare to shoot and score one for your team with all the best hockey sticks! Whether it's field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey or recreational play, microbladder blade processes make the most out of every dangle and deke. Ultrathin tapering delivers enhanced shot velocity and unparalleled response, while sticks designed with tuned shaft flex profiles create a high kick point, which stores energy near the bottom hand for plenty of power as you play. Keep an eye out for different handle grips and coatings, too, which help enable a steady hold as you're playing.

Kids' Hockey Sticks

Even the game's youngest players can get in on the action with a wide variety of hockey sticks especially for kids. Kids' hockey sticks are sized just right for smaller players, but offer the same amount of playing power. With sizes available in 40", 46" and 48" long, there are lengths that are sure to perfectly suit every budding puck star!