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Measure Distances With Precision

A change of just a yard or two can be crucial when trying to clear a bunker or water hazard, so make sure you're using the best range finder available. Using range finders, such as range finder binoculars with a laser range finder, means that you can accurately determine the yardage, not just to the hole but also to the front, middle and back of the green, as well as the layup distance, so you can choose the appropriate golf club to use.

Location Data

Calculating the distance to the pin is half the battle. Integrated golf GPS technology helps ensure that you can measure the length to the hole with pinpoint accuracy. GPS receivers feature pre-loaded golf courses and can automatically determine what hole you're on, so all you have to do is pick your club and hit the ball. With popular range finder brands, like Leupold range finders, Bushnell range finders and Garmin GPS receivers, you can trust that you're receiving accurate measurements each time. Easy, right?

Binoculars or Watch?

Range finders are usually either binoculars or watches, and both types offer different advantages. A watch range finder provides added functionality, such as date- and time-keeping, and fits on your wrist for added convenience. Other common features include score keeping, tracking the time for your round and even serving as a pedometer. Binoculars let you zoom onto your ball, letting you see details, such as a divot, that might not be obvious to the naked eye. Choose the design that best suits your game, and get out on the golf course to test it out.