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Fairway Woods

Send the ball sailing down the fairway with one of these versatile fairway woods. When it's late in the game and the score is neck and neck, having the right club to start off the final hole is a must. Look through this selection to find a wide assortment of the best fairway woods, including TaylorMade fairway woods and clubs from other popular brands. These fairway woods help ensure productive practice and an altogether successful game.


Choose from a variety of flex types to accommodate your style of playing, whether you prefer regular flex, stiff flex, universal flex or another flex type. Each flex type offers a different feel and level of resistance, so explore this selection and see what options are available to help ensure you find the right one for you.


With the proper loft, you can send your ball exactly where it needs to be. Find TaylorMade 3-woods, 5-woods and lower- or higher-lofted fairway woods from all of the brands in this selection, allowing you to assemble almost an entire golf club set. Use these fairway woods to improve your game and help your ball find its mark.