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Golf Wedges

Get your ball back where it needs to be and on the course to victory with one of these golf wedges. Each wedge is made of durable materials and helps address a particular situation out on the golf course to help ensure victory. Use these and other golf clubs to improve your game and set yourself on the path to success.

Sand Wedge

Help lift your ball out of a bunker and get it where it needs to go with one of these sand wedges. These wedges are specially designed to drive through firm sand and help launch your ball back out onto the green, allowing you to continue play from a better vantage point.

Lob Wedge

A lob wedge helps reduce the chance of rolling after the ball hits the ground, making it the perfect wedge for precision swings. These wedges can help overcome obstacles and make quick, short shots outside the putting green.

Gap Wedge

Gap wedges, also known as attack wedges, utility wedges and various other names, are designed for those in-between shots that neither a lob wedge nor a sand wedge can accommodate. With a gap wedge, you can take on trickier shots and achieve your goal.