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Chin Straps Designed For Your Comfort

Conquer the football field with gear that keeps you comfortable and protected. Internal multilayer gel padding provides shock absorbency to cushion takedowns, while football chin straps designed with nonslip foam deliver targeted protection. Look out for different padding that conforms to your chin's contours to deliver a secure, comfortable feel and technologies that keep you cool when you work up a sweat on the gridiron, so you can stay focused on decimating the opposition.

Durable Football Chin Straps

Select protective gear that plays as hard as you do. Tough-built chin straps provide a reliable layer between you and the gridiron, helping to disperse impact and keep you safe from high-power hits. Materials like overmolded plastic create a strong, sturdy core to protect your chin from injury, while durable hard shells deflect and spread energy on hard impacts. From early-morning practices to games under the lights, durably constructed gear helps deliver excellent on-field protection while providing a tough barrier against rough plays.

Adjustable Designs

Ensure you're suited up in great-fitting gear with chin straps designed to provide a comfortable and customized fit. Integrated adapters allow straps to fit high or low helmet hookups, and 4-point football chin straps deliver a secure feel all game long. Check out a great selection of chin straps and mouth guards that provide reliable protection during every practice and game.