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How To Use Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great way to build up your muscles and aerobic endurance. A kettlebell workout typically includes a move called the kettlebell swing, where you swing the weight from the thighs up to the shoulders. This type of movement is naturally holistic, with several large muscle groups being utilized at once, and, unlike most traditional barbell routines, includes an aerobic element to increase your cardiovascular fitness. Other kettlebell workout routines let you exercise your core and lower body to improve your whole-body physique.

Choose the Right Weight

Selecting an appropriate weight is important to success. Too heavy, and you won't be able to complete the exercises using proper form while also putting yourself at risk for serious injuries. Too light, and you won't gain the full benefits of the routine. We offer a broad range of weights, suitable for everyone from a beginner just starting out to an experienced veteran looking for an added challenge.

Protect Your Floors

Most kettlebells are made of a single, solid piece of cast iron. This offers an extremely solid construction that can withstand heavy use. Other kettlebells feature a softer exterior covering, such as vinyl or a rubberized material, that is designed to minimize damage to your floors if the kettlebell is dropped. Kettlebells can also be made of a heavy material, such as cement, with an exterior covering. While not as rugged as solid-metal kettlebells, they are often more economical.