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Gear Up For Training Season With Essential Accessories

Are you ready to go the distance? You've got the willpower to endure those grueling workouts in your circuit, now make sure your body can handle it, too, with must-have sports medicine accessories. Whether you're training under the heat of the sun for that triathlon or nursing an old injury after lifting at the gym, items like cooling towels and skullcaps, sweatbands, heating pads and other fitness equipment can help make your training regimen go smoothly week after week.

Get The Essentials

While you're practicing with the team, make sure to regulate your body temperature under the hot sun with cooling fabrics. Cooling towels offer impressive temperature-reduction power when wet and are easy to carry to and from practice or the gym in your gear bag. The absorbent fabrics feel soft to the touch, and some even offer built-in UV protection from the sun's harmful rays. You can also stay comfortable in the heat of the action by wearing cooling skullcaps, wristbands and sweatbands, many of which cool down well below body temperature. If you have a strain, sprain or muscle ache that requires heat, look to hot/cold wraps you can wear, adjustable, electric heating pads that stay toasty warm while you relax after your workout and supportive sleeves that offer just the right amount of compression.