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Add A Boxing Speed Bag To Your Workouts

Amplify your training with help from a speed punching bag. Designed to fit into a wide range of regimens, speed bags are great for boxers and non-boxers alike. A heavy leather speed bag can help you build strength and endurance as you punch away at it, while lighter speed bags allow you to focus on increased hand speed, timing and coordination. Keeping your hands and arms in constant motion is a fast way to build muscle tone in your upper body and is a great way to target your shoulders, triceps and lats while also acting as a low-impact way to improve your cardiovascular health.

Sturdy Boxing Speed Bag

As the name implies, you'll be hitting a speed punching bag constantly, so it needs to be designed to withstand sustained, heavy use. Look at Everlast speed bags and kits to provide you with everything you need to install a speed punching bag in your home gym. A steel swivel allows the bag to move freely back and forth as you hit it and is made to take anything you can throw at it. If you need something that can be moved around, look for a heavy bag stand that can be used for your training sessions and then moved back into the closet for easy storage after you're done.