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Catcher's Gear

Help keep catchers safe throughout every inning with baseball catcher's gear, like catcher's masks and catcher's helmets. With youth catcher's gear made from lightweight, impact-absorbing material to keep vulnerable areas like the legs, chest and face safe, it's easy to remain both protected and comfortable behind the plate. It's important to consider specialized catcher's gloves, too, to help properly field the ball. Be sure to look at baseball catcher's gear made with moisture-wicking fabrics, which helps players keep cool during especially hot team sports games.

Baseball Helmets

Staying protected up at home plate is crucial, so make sure you're set to succeed with your choice of batting protection. Take your pick from baseball helmets to provide cushioning and ventilation and baseball helmet accessories like face guards and padding to keep safe as the playing field heats up. There are also chin guard, elbow guard and leg guard options that offer the protection you want while you're up to bat.

Sliding Shorts

For MVPs, staying at peak performance is easy with protective gear. Slip on a pair of stretchy, lightweight and protective sliding shorts to make that slide into home easier, or add on moisture-wicking baseball wristbands or arm sleeves to combat sweat and add extra support for muscles if necessary. Consider cups for an added layer of protection, as well. There is also a wide variety of umpire gear like shoes, score indicators, face guards and sleek polos to prepare officiators for the game.