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High-Performance Speedo Swim Caps

Minimizing resistance can help make sure your personal best lap times are within reach as you train. Speedo caps are designed to fit snugly over your hair and head, using a contoured shape to reduce drag, so you can slice through the water with ease. Look for an easy-off design that won't tug painfully at your hair as you put the cap on or take it off. Many Speedo swim caps are made of silicone for soft, comfortable wear and can be used safely by those with sensitivities to latex. Other swimming accessories, like goggles, can be added to your race-time attire to help make sure you're at your best.

Stylish Speedo Caps

Speedo swim caps are available in a wide range of colors and designs that help add a splash of personality to your training attire. Look for vibrant, eye-catching hues that help you stand out from the crowd, or pick a cap with an American flag emblazoned on it to show off your patriotism. Basic, single-color Speedo caps fit in well with just about any type of swimwear, while patterned caps deliver a touch of style.