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Practice Your Form With Speedo Swim Accessories

Having the right form and technique can help you shave off precious seconds from your personal best lap times. Speedo swim accessories, like a pull buoy or kickboard, can help ensure that your arms and legs are moving just as they should to help you get the optimal times you're looking for. Use a kickboard to train your hands and make sure they're in the right position to help you slice through the water as quickly as possible. Ear plugs can be used to form a tight seal, freeing you from the distraction caused by water getting into your ear canals. Other swim accessories, like goggles and caps, and the proper swimwear can also help make sure that you're focused during your training sessions.

Train And Strengthen With Speedo Swim Equipment

With the help of Speedo swim equipment, you can add a strength element to your workout without leaving the water. Strap clutch paddles to your hands to add resistance to each stroke, providing you with an increased workout while also promoting the proper form and positioning for your hands, wrists and forearms. Push plates are another way to use water resistance to simulate increased weight, so your muscles get a workout without the added strain caused by gravity.