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Traditional Bows And Traditional Recurve Bows

Bowhunting can be a challenging hobby and sport. Using traditional bows, such as traditional recurve bows, means that you generate less power than most modern crossbows and compound bows, so you need to be closer to your target for an effective shot. Recurve bows can store more energy and produce more power than straight-limb bows and are also smaller, making it a great choice for terrain where a longer weapon could cause problems, such as in heavy brush or in forests. Check out our full selection of archery equipment to find items and accessories to make your next hunting trip more successful.

Traditional Longbows

Traditional longbows have been used for hundreds of years. This type of bow has an iconic straight-limb design, and while they typically generate less power than a recurve bow, they are considered easier to shoot because the longer length provides more area to disperse the bow weight. This makes drawing back arrows easier and smoother, helping to increase accuracy. Browse our wide array of bows and crossbows to help ensure you find the bow that's best suited for your needs.


Bows are also a great way to catch fish in shallow waters. Bows designed for use on fish often have a reel on the front to make it easy to retrieve your catch, so you can quickly turn it into a delicious meal.