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Recumbent Bicycles For Sale

Looking for a cool way to get around or enjoy the sights? Both kids and adults can enjoy the fun and exercise that come with riding a recumbent bike. Great for users who have balance issues or are prone to injury, this type of bicycle often features a longer design that sits lower to the ground for more stability. Plus, it's fun to ride! While reclining in the spacious seat, you'll find you have more time to enjoy the scenery during your journey. Grab bikes for the whole family.

Adults' Recumbent Bicycles

Be sure your chosen bicycle offers the features you need to enjoy each and every ride. If you're worried about comfort, many recumbent bikes include adjustable frames that help ensure you can reach the pedals with ease, as well as cushioned, adjustable seats with backrests that provide a plush, supportive feel. Plus, many of these bikes are steered using side handlebars with hand brakes and even have a reverse gear for easy navigation around your neighborhood.

Kids' Recumbent Bikes

Your little speedster can race around on a kids' recumbent bike. Sized for smaller frames, these bicycles offer many of the same features as the adult-size version, including adjustable frames that grow with your child and handlebar steering with hand brakes. Plus, many boast cool designs with racing flags and graphics from popular movies, so everyone can see your young rider coming. If your little one is still learning to ride, look for a recumbent bike with a seatbelt and a rear handle that you can use to push him or her around the playground or neighborhood.