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Durable Fishing Leader Materials

As you're getting settled in your favorite fishing spot and tying up all your go-to terminal tackle, you want fishing leader material that performs effortlessly. Luckily, there are plenty of tough, corrosion-resistant leaders to best suit all your trusty tackle. Take your pick from options made of stainless steel, fluorocarbon and wire that deliver dependable strength on the water. For extra defense against stubborn, toothy fish that might put up an extra-hard fight, there are many torsion-strengthened and -straightened fishing leaders available in single strands for rugged construction.

Hard-To-Spot Fishing Leaders

Remaining undetectable while angling is crucial. And with fishing leader material that seamlessly blends into the water, you'll stay nearly invisible to underwater critters. Fishing leaders are made with a light refraction index that's similar to water, making them look clear and especially hard to spot as you go after a trophy fish. With stealth on your side, it's easy to reel in the kind of catch that will have fellow fishermen asking how you did it.

Leader Accessories

When you're taking matters into your own hands and making one-of-a-kind wire leaders, connector sleeves, compression sleeves and other leader accessories are a must have for the next big project. With multiple weight tests and internal diameters, there are a wide variety of options designed to best suit your preferred fishing environments and the kind of fish you're hoping to catch.