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Attractive Lure Beads

Fish just won't be able to resist the lure rattles you create with fishing beads! Lure beads mimic the sound of shrimp, live croakers and other prey to convince fish in the surrounding area that a meal is right around the corner. These beads produce a loud sound when clicked together, and they reflect light for an eye-catching look that fish can't stay away from. Many fishing beads are designed especially for specific rigs and baits, so be sure to carefully select the right items for your needs when rounding out a collection of terminal tackle.

Durable Lure Rattles

Tough fishing beads are built to last, ensuring that handmade rattles can be relied on for the long haul. Durable plastics and metal are strong enough to withstand frequent fishing expeditions, and designs optimized for saltwater and freshwater environments deliver the characteristics needed to deliver great performance wherever you drop your line. Concerned about protecting your fishing line? Look for lure beads with smooth finishes that minimize potential line abrasion.

Lures With Fishing Beads

You may prefer to seek out rigs and lures equipped with fishing beads. Tackle outfitted with lure beads and brass tickers create the same lifelike clicking sounds that aquatic critters just can't resist. Weighted options support precise, long casts, while wire-and-swivel designs minimize twisting when dropped in the water.