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Eye + Ear Protection

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Eye + Ear Protection

Ear Protection

When you're out on a hunt or practicing in a shooting range, it's important to have the proper safety equipment. Shooting hearing protection helps guard your ears , and helps you stay focused and alert. Find powerful ear protection from Howard Leight, Radians, Walker's and other popular brands in this selection, and choose the ear protection, safety glasses, and other shooting gear that fits your needs best.

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a lightweight, compact way to help keep your ears protected. Usually made from foam or some other soft, malleable material, ear plugs fit snugly in your ear and help prevent loud noises from deafening you. Whether you're looking for disposable ear plugs or ear plugs you can wash and reuse again and again, these ear plugs provide an important service, whatever you end up using them for.

Electronic Ear Protection

Electronic ear protection offers greater control over noise reduction, often providing tools to enhance hearing and adjust sound directionality. Look for electronic ear muffs that cover the entire ear and have independent volume controls to find the most customization when it comes to hearing protection. These powerful devices help ensure you can hear everything you need to, and guard against any noises that could harm your hearing.