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Black Powder Ammunition

While hunters have a vast array of shooting options at their disposal, using black powder ammo provides a unique challenge. Because shooting success depends on maintaining a high level of accuracy while using individual shots loaded by hand, this type of firearm and ammunition offers a chance for the seasoned hunter to demonstrate his prowess in the field. Black powder bullets come in significantly larger calibers than most modern hunting rifles, such as .50 caliber, and some black powder guns may even use round lead balls. When choosing black powder bullets, be aware of options with special features to improve performance, such as tips that deliver reliable expansion or reduce bore friction for faster release.

Other Black Powder Supplies

Black powder ammo leaves behind more residue after shooting than its smokeless counterpart, so it's important to take extra care when cleaning your firearm. Be sure to choose a cleaning kit with brushes, tools and solvents designed to remove the grime left behind after shooting, so your gun won't jam when you're about to take aim. Opt for a loading jag to prevent damage to your firearm's tip when loading, and keep a bore light among your gear so you can examine your gun's bore anywhere, even in low light conditions.