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Learn To Ride With A Balance Bike

Skip the training wheels and teach your child to ride on 2 wheels with a balance bike. An alternative to tricycles and kids' bicycles with training wheels, balance bikes help children learn how to keep their balance and steer on 2 wheels without assistance. Lightweight and easy for youngsters to maneuver, balance bikes have no pedals or drivetrain, so children can use their feet to propel themselves at a slow, steady pace. Some come with a footrest, so your tiny tot can comfortably cruise along down the sidewalk.

Ride In Style

There are balance bikes for toddlers and older children alike, so it's never too late to learn how to ride. The frames and rims are made of materials like metal, wood or polycarbonate for a strong, lightweight ride. To minimize maintenance, look for puncture-resistant wheels that can withstand varying terrain. Also, ensure your child can comfortably glide along by selecting a bicycle with a cushioned seat and handlebars that are easy to adjust. If you're worried about where your child's feet will be placed as he or she picks up speed, choose a bike with a footrest. Some bikes are made with grippy platforms to help your child keep his or her feet safely out of the way of the tires. Just like regular big-kid bikes, kids' balance bicycles come with an array of cool colors, graphics and effects to help make each ride a fun adventure for all. Grab a bicycle for yourself, so you and your young cyclist can ride together.