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Scopes + Optics

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Scopes + Optics

Tactical Optics and Rifle Scopes

Be a marksman with the sight of a hawk through the magnifying power of tactical optics and scopes from Academy Sports + Outdoors. With our assortment of tactical optics and scopes that range from affordable to luxury, hunters can enjoy greater accuracy and a wider field of view while stalking their prey. With anti-fog lenses and various brightness levels, each spotting scope is mountable to your rifle of choice and allows the hunter to switch to the best tactical optic that fits the situation at hand.

Night Vision Goggles, Rangefinders, Lights and Lasers

Keep your eye on your target during even the darkest of nights with our wide selection of night vision goggles, rangefinders, lights and lasers. Featuring a hands-free mount and powerful, infrared lighting, so you can spot the trickiest of animals, our night vision goggles unveil anything hiding from your reticle. Rangefinders are a useful tool for hunters that need to know approximately how far away their target is, so they can properly account for distance before firing a single bullet. With ranges as high as 1,000 yards or more, our rangefinders guarantee the accuracy needed when out on the hunt. For additional aiming guidance, lights and lasers are available to give marksmen a visual path between firearms and targets. Focus aiming with shooting lasers that project up to several yards away and are powered by batteries that last from hours to years.

Binoculars and Telescopes

Whether you're scoping out for deer or watching the night sky, Academy Sports + Outdoors has the right pair of binoculars and telescopes for you. Featuring anti-fog lenses, comfortable eyecups and waterproof designs, our binoculars offer sharp image quality and a durable frame, so you can go birdwatching without the fear of your gear falling apart. See comets, planets, moons and stars in greater detail with your very own telescope set. Use alignment tools that let you easily line up planetary bodies with your telescope.