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Draw In Wildlife With Scent Bombs, Deer Scents, Deer Lure And More

When you're on the hunt for a trophy, make the waiting game shorter with scents that lure in the animals you're looking for. Brands like Wildgame Innovations�, Buck Baits, Code Blue and Tink's manufacture truly lifelike scents with authentic ingredients and potent aromas that allow you to draw animals to a certain area. Many deer scents, fox scents and coyote scents come in liquid form that can be added to scrapes, drag rags, boot pads and other items, but there are also scent bombs that help you cover a larger area. Some deer lure products and other animal scents work during specific seasons, so be sure you're using it at the right time of year.

Conceal Your Presence With Cover Scents

Not only can you use a hunting scent to draw in animals, you can also use them to mask your own. If wildlife catch wind that you're in the area, they may not follow their nose to the area you've covered with animal fragrances. Check out products like Hunter's Specialties� scented hunting wafers that smell like cedar, pine and other natural aromas. Secure storage containers help preserve the aroma over time, and safety pins make it easy to keep a wafer with you when you're on the move and hang them onto nearby branches. If you're using a solid scent product, make sure it can handle the conditions. Many products boast non-freezing and non-melting features that can be used in a variety of temperatures. Browse the scents and scent eliminators, hunting gear, shooting gear and accessories.